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Just For A Moment

It is necessary to witness concretely that respect for life is the first form of justice to apply.

Life is always a precious gift; every time we witness its beginnings we see the power of the creative action of God who trusts man and thus calls him to build the future with the strength of hope.

The person who trust in the Lord does not fear the adversities of life, or the inevitable reality of death; he is the person who has acquired a wise heart.

God knows and loves the whole of the human being, and He welcomes into His eternity what is developing and becoming now in our life made up of suffering and love, of hope, joy and sorrow.

The God who made Himself close to us, does not abandon us in or after death but keeps a place for us and gives us eternity.

God’s power is fully expressed in weakness, in the poverty of those who entrust themselves to Him and place their hope in Him alone.

Serving, and in so doing giving oneself; existing not for oneself but for others, on behalf of God and in view of God: this is the innermost core of Jesus Christ’s mission and at the same time the true essence of his priesthood.

For Christians, truth has a name: God. And goodness has a face: Jesus Christ

Every generation has the task of engaging anew in the arduous search for the right way to order human affairs.

Remain, my dear brethren,chosen by Christ himself in order to be, through him, salt of the earth and light of the world.